We don't have a mission STATEMENT.
Our mission is for our work to MAKE a statement.

Don't you hate  when you get a sales quote, and you're nervous, because it's so expensive?  At first, you wonder whether you should feel bad for not being willing to pay that much money.  Then you started feeling gypped--EVEN BEFORE you pay them any money.

We HATE that, too!

Our mission at The Ultimate Analyst is NEVER to make people feel that way--EVER.

We want to make people say things, like...
"Wow!  I can't believe I got that much value!"
"You just DID it.  You took care of everything; I didn't have to do anything.  That was easy!"
"This is great!  Why did I put off this for so long?"

Our mission is to provide value for you by doing our offline and online marketing work professionally while keeping our prices for our services reasonable, if not inexpensive.