Marketing Training

We have several marketing training programs.

The Ultimate Analyst is always learning new things about online marketing and is always looking for opportunities to share what they learn.

The Ultimate Analyst has a passion about teaching people so they understand what, why, and how.  Chris Wechner is the fuel behind this fire, as he attended many different training seminars, only to be disappointed and frustrated.

Have your found yourself saying something like, ""Hey!  You said (or strongly implied) that I would understand what you claimed you would teach me, and I would know what I'm doing."

The problem (often) is that after the seminar is complete, you find yourself feeling even more confused and more hopeless than before you took the class, seminar, or workshop.

Online Marketing Training: Seminars

The Director of Marketing, Chris Wechner, gives talks each month at East Campus of the Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) in Detroit, Michigan.

Address: WCCCD-East Campus: 5901 Conner Street, Detroit, MI (Click HERE for directions.)

Chris Wechner is currently seeking other speaking opportunities to help other individuals and companies understand online marketing techniques in the following geographic areas:
  • Southeast Michigan (Detroit, Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Midland)
  • Northwest Ohio (Toledo, Bowling Green, Defiance)
  • Mid-Michigan (Lansing, Battle Creek, Jackson, Coldwater)
  • Southwestern Michigan (Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Benton Harbor)
  • Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Online Marketing Training: Blog

Currently, The Ultimate Analyst has a marketing ideas blog through it's Director of Marketing, Chris Wechner.

Here are some of the more popular posts:
There are plenty more blog posts that can help provide marketing training or insight, but this is a good starter list.

Online Marketing Training: Workshops

Currently, The Ultimate Analyst does not have any online marketing training workshops scheduled.

If you would like to receive updates about upcoming workshops, you can leave your email address to follow Chris Wechner so that you receive these updates.

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Online Marketing Training: Customer Coaching

You might want more customized coaching for marketing your business.

Many people need individualized attention, and the Director of Marketing Chris Wechner is known as one of the best trainers in the area.  He is especially good at seeing a person's learning style and adjusting the training lesson to match that learning style and background.

Online Marketing Training: Mentorship Program

You might be interested in working for us via our Mentorship program. We are always open with what we do. So we'd love to train the right person and have that person return the favor by helping us become more productive.

Obviously, The Ultimate Analyst is extremely selective with this program since it is so time intensive.  The Ultimate Analyst will not obligate itself to any long-term mentoring.  However, the company is always seeking highly talented people who will contribute to the company and help it grow.

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