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The Ultimate Analyst will handle your SEO Press Release Writing--a POWERFUL and Overlooked Marketing Method.

We don't just simply write press releases.  We write them with a purpose--to benefit your website ranking (SEO), bring traffic to your website, or prompt your prospective customer to call you.

Press Release Writing for an Event: We write press releases with search engine optimization (SEO) to provide our clients with the best chance of people finding their event.

Generally, you write these for people to read.  The material really is part of your marketing strategy.

Why would I write a press release and NOT want people to read it?

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The Press Release Writing Sequence is simply write, submit, and improve your website ranking.
  SEO Press Release Writing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fancy terminology for doing things that will help other people find you when they search for what you are offering.  We write press release to be found directly or to support other online marketing pieces that your company created.

If people read these, it is okay, but SEO press releases are not designed to contain the main marketing content.  It is intended to provide backlinks to other marketing material your company has created (or other people have created for you).  The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, the better chance you have of Google finding your website and listing it in a higher position within the search results of your targeted keyword.  THAT is good SEO practice.

So either way, press releases are great for marketing your business--either market directly (Event Press Releases) or indirectly (SEO press releases).

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Make a Statement with Notable Press Release Writing

The Ultimate Analyst recommends Press Release Writing services as an influential marketing tool for every brand.

Press Releases make wonders for just about any brand. Well known companies opt to use this as a way of keeping their trademark afloat in the news. It creates a buzz even with the unheard-of labels and generates positive publicity from the online community with a newsworthy content. This form of text promotion (opposed to images, slides, videos, etc.) can capture the media’s attention.

With well-written content, press releases can put your business in the spotlight with just one publication. There is no better way to introduce your product or services to the general public than with a first-rate Press Release writing.

However, press release writing defines itself from all the other writing categories—this isn’t like your company’s regular article which you can just post in the internet and let it work for you. It follows a set of standards which makes it acceptable for public and media usage. If you have no idea what a press release is and how it is made, then you go ask the experts.

Wondering why you should hire a press release writing service? Here are a few reasons:
  1. These companies are specialists. These writing professionals have an excellent flair with words, that even the blandest information can become newsworthy. They make a good play with every sentence that it makes the publication appealing; but still intact with a fluid, factual concept and a formal tone.
  2. They have been in the business for a long time to know what works and what doesn’t. Sure enough, your brand may have your own marketing department, but that isn’t enough to get away with a good press release. Press release writing services work alongside with your marketing strategy, crafting the right words to bring the right amount of interest to spark the readers in a good light.
  3. They know the ins and outs of the press release writing world. Other than concocting the right material for your business, they are also in-the-know of the many ways of getting it round the internet. This is via press release submission. Press release submission is the final step in reaching out to the public; but this isn’t your typical article posting either. There are various submission sites for various categories, each taking in different numbers of virtual traffic for your site. You can choose to go a tedious manual submission, or prefer a fast, auto-submission for a wider audience reach.
Having a press release writing service will help create a unique marketing promotion for your business, giving it a distinctive flavor in the public and creating the right excitement for your product. Convey your message in the best way possible by the aid of these experts, and let your business be known!

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Press Release Writing: Doing it yourself.

Press Release Writing can be tricky, but it does not have to be difficult.  It is a powerful online marketing tool that many businesses and people overlook.  Follow these tips to make to improve your results.
Some companies prefer to do their own press release writing.  If these companies understand what they are doing on the Internet, then this could be a very good idea.  Otherwise, companies can spend a lot of time working on their online marketing but not gaining any true benefit from their effort.

Here are a few tips that might help these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) companies get started:

Keywords:  Use the good keywords, and use them well.  Keywords are the words that the people who are using the Internet that have the best chance of being your customers will type to solve a problem.  YOU want to be that company they find when they use Google (or whatever search engine) to find the answer to their question or problem.  However, some places ONLY use their keywords without properly blending in other words that people would use if they were naturally writing about that topic.

Press Release Distribution:  One of the benefits of writing press releases is that it helps separate your website from other websites that simply promote using article submission sites.  However, many companies and people get nervous about writing press releases, because they can be a little trickier to get past editors than a standard article.  However, they provide an opportunity to get backlinks to your website from many different websites, providing backlink variety.  To do the best job of using press releases to achieve this, you want to submit your press release to as many different press release submission websites as possible.  This includes using free press release submission sites and fee based press release submission sites.

Link Variation:  Link variation was somewhat covered within the previous point, but many press release submission sites allow you to attach a picture or even a video.  In addition to other people being able to find you through your website, they can find you through your press release.  If you attach a picture or a video, they can find you through those, also.  Plus, many of those websites offer additional places to leave a backlink to your website.  In addition to RECEIVING a lot of links from different websites, it legitimizes your press release if you have an occasional link to a helpful link that does not belong to you.  This will improve the chances of your website being considered an authority website, rather than simply a sales website--improving the chances the people might visit your website more than one (1) time.

Deep Linking:  Many new internet marketers make the mistake of creating a lot of backlinks--ONLY TO THEIR HOME PAGE.  However, this is not natural.  If we find a cool video, we usually don't simply send people to YouTube; we send them to a specific link WITHIN YOUTUBE.  Therefore, deep linking means that you are creating links to your Home Page AND deep within your other pages and even blog posts.  It is a really good idea to use different words that anchor the link to your website (called anchor text).  The more you vary these words, the more "natural" it will seem to the search engines, rather than seeming like you created all of the backlinks--even though in many cases that is exactly what happens.  Don't let that be you.

Here at The Ultimate Analyst, we can answer some questions about the basics of press release writing.  Several times, we have given talks about how to write a press release for search engine optimization on the Internet.  Truthfully, we target Google, since more people use Google than any other search engine.

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