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 Why care about making videos and video marketing?

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3 Reasons Videos Are a Key Part of Online Marketing for Business

Video Marketing is an important part of online marketing for businesses, especially small businesses.
  1. Visitor Engagement. People are more prone to watch a video than read an article. It’s more efficient for them, which makes it more effective for you.
  2. Lengthier Website Visits. Visitors stay on your website longer when you have a video on your website. They watch the video. If the video interests them, THEN they spend more time looking at your site. THAT is when you have the BEST chance to make a conversion (sale, registration, leaving contact info, etc.).
  3. Great SEO. People can find videos in several locations, even if they never find your website. They can find them on YouTube, Google, or any other standard or video search engine. (By the way, SEO = Search Engine Optimization. See why videos make GREAT SEO? They are optimized to get listed on all sorts of search engines!) Plus, videos help support your website.

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    3 Reasons Video Marketing Makes Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Video Marketing is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for several reasons.
    1. Fewer People Make Videos. That’s true. It is a whole lot easier to write an article (or pay someone to write an article). Therefore, there is LESS COMPETITION. There are many videos, but there a lot fewer videos than there are articles or blog posts. There is a good chance that nobody else has made a video about your specific topic. There are fewer people that have, if there are videos, already. Again, this means less competition for you!
    2. Videos POP on Search Results. When you do a search on Google or some other standard search engine (i.e. Yahoo or Bing), have you ever noticed videos in the search results? In fact, it’s TOUGH NOT TO NOTICE VIDEOS, because they show a picture and POP at you. They look more interesting than the other websites that are listed, which are just plain, boring titles, even when those other sites are listed ahead of your video.
    3. Videos Rank Well on Search Results. More often than not, videos rank really well, really quickly. In fact, this is why videos are the favorite marketing method of The Ultimate Analyst. We realize that video marketing is effective, probably because they are more interesting to Internet surfers than regular websites, and there are fewer of them to discuss YOUR topic.
    Which search result do YOU notice most quickly?  The video, and it is not even the top search result!
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      Video Marketing Needs to be Done Correctly

      People and companies that make videos are doing better than the majority—just by making videos and sharing videos on the Internet.

      However, many businesses think that all there is to video marketing is making videos and posting videos. They do not have a plan, and they think that videos will be the magic pill to get them more business.

      They forget to consider the types of videos they might want to watch. They do not make it easy for Google or other search engines to find their videos. They do not make them very interesting to watch.

      The Ultimate Analyst can help you make videos or simply provide video marketing for the videos you already created. The Ultimate Analyst will help your videos get as many views as possible.

      We don’t want everyone to see our videos!

      What? Why not?

      That seems crazy, but stick with us here.

      Let’s be honest. It does not matter how good a job we do making and marketing the video if we are explaining how to grow a petunia in Michigan. We still will never get as many views as a video showing off a really good looking celebrity, especially if that good-looking celebrity happens to be wearing nearly no clothing.

      Our wonderful video about petunias in Michigan stands no chance, AND THAT’S OKAY!

      Key Point: We only want visitor traffic that wants what you are offering.

      THOSE are the people who have the best chance of paying your business money for what you offer—not the people who are chasing the scantily clad celebrity, unless they want those petunias in Michigan, of course. :)

      Contact The Ultimate Analyst to see how we can help you with your video marketing and possibly video production.

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      Here are some SEO style branding videos:

      Endorse Your Brand in a Viral Video Marketing

      The Ultimate Analyst offers their assistance to companies which are eager to use video marketing for as their product / service promotional tool.

      Branding & SEO Video Demo #1

      Video marketing is one of the popular marketing tools which are used by many of the worldwide brands. The beauty of this advertising medium is in its ability to connect to its audience in a deeper since; it touches various learning styles which one can take advantage of. For one, visual learning is a key to video marketing, as viewers can see product demonstrations, tutorials and other relative explanations. Another thing is the auditory, wherein one can listen and understand through the audio.

      Animated Tips: SEO Video Demo #2

      Video marketing is great for SEO, but when you add live footage, it might not look perfectly professional, but it provides a nice human touch.  It brings things to life.  The most "sharable" videos often involve humans or real things.  If people feel compelled to share a video, they are marketing that video for you.

      Live footage videos also are great for recording interviews and testimonials.

      Live Footage Video Demo #3

      At the rise of video giants such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and others, there is no doubt that video marketing is becoming one of the more efficient promotional solutions in the internet today. Not to mention that this form of advertising appeals to various learning senses, video marketing is also a great strategy for you to increase your audience. Google and other search engines love ranking blogs and websites which have high video content, and companies using this efficiently will be greatly rewarded with traffic and sales.
      However, it should be known that video marketing is not just a simple process. One cannot just take a video of him to promote a product and then expect the sales to rise. Video marketing involves more than recording the whole thing—this may involve video producing service and video editing, and the list may go on.

      Here in The Ultimate Analyst, we’ve got all that covered. Our team is comprised of experts who can handle the whole production; all we have to do is to know where you want to go. We can do the research for you—finding out your target market and determining what type of video appeals to them. We’re also capable of the whole planning process: the script, storyboard, props and production all in one company.

      And last, before the whole thing goes out into a viral mode, we’re also ready to do the video edition for you. Our staff is in the know about the best video-editing software available and will make you shine like a celebrity on the spotlight. So get ready to make your brand viral, start laying down your video marketing plans with us today!

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