Websites - Landing Pages


At this time, The Ultimate Analyst only does very specific types of Websites.  We realize that this websites are in demand, but we only provide certain types of websites, because we like to stick to things we know really well.

We offer the following types of websites:
  • Single Event Promotion
  • SEO Landing Page
  • Simple Company Website 
  • Blog Site
(See below here for more details and website examples.)

Website: Single Event Promotion

When to Use: Sometimes, one-time events are held, and we want people to register for them.  There are good sites, like EventBrite, that do a good job with registration, but those are not as easy to customize as a Blogger website.  For instance, we can
  • Add a PayPal Button (or more than one button)
  • Add Multiple Picture Images
  • Add Videos
  • Customize the Domain (extra charge)


Website: SEO Landing Page

When to Use: This is a favorite technique of ours here at The Ultimate Analyst.  This is a great SEO (search engine optimization) technique, meaning that it is great to become a top-listed search engine result for people using Google to find exactly what you have to offer.  These can be customized to include
  • Home Page - Designed to capture people typing in specific keyword phrases
  • Lead to Actual Company Website
  • Call-to-Action on Landing Page (Call Now, Buy Now, Register, etc.) 
  • Pictures (including company logos, storefronts, etc.)
  • Videos (great for demonstrating your product)
  • Additional Pages available for Extra Charge


Simple Company Website

When to Use: This is a simple website that has a quick turnaround time and is much less expensive than WordPress sites or php language sites.  If you want to change some words or add a new page, it is not difficult.  Plus, a company will not need to pay for monthly website hosting fees with these websites.  However, while these sites look professional, there are design limitations.  These websites can include
  • 3 Pages, including Home "blog" Page (Additional Pages are Extra)
  • Add Picture Images
  • Add Videos - Training Videos and Company Commercials
  • Add Links to News Releases (Press Releases) 


Blog Sites

When to Use: These are similar to the "Simple Company Website," but we do not remove the "blog-like" features like we do for Landing Pages and Company Websites.  These can take a few different approaches:
  • SEO Keyword focused (Goal: Get blog posts ranked on Google)
  • Information Packed (Goal: Attach blog to website & Turn website into an authority reference)
  • Customer Communication (Goal: Attract and maintain regular blog readers to your site) 


ATTENTION: We only create websites using Blogger as our platform (not WordPress or php).  There are SEO benefits to using Blogger, content on these websites are easy and cheap to modify, and clients do not have to pay for website hosting fees.  However, many people seeking websites want them to be made using this.