Classified Ad Marketing

Classified Ad Marketing Provides Immediate Results

How many people look online to find places to buy things or find jobs?

Where do they look?

Classified Ad sites, like Craigslist, BackPage, Oodle, OLX, etc.

Actually, people not only find classified ads within the classified ad website.  Many of these sites' classified ad listings are indexed by Google.  That means that people who are using Google--and not the specific Classified Ad Site--might be able to find your classified ad.

Use #1: Immediate Results:  Classified Ads are great for people and companies who want immediate results and do not place as large an emphasis on posts staying at the top of the classified ad website for a long time.  When you post your classified ad, you are the top of that page...until the next person posts his or her classified ad.

Use #2: SEO Backlinking Strategy:  Classified Ad Sites encourage people to post on their websites.  While they do not want to support scams, they tend to be a lot less picky about what they allow on their websites as article submission websites and press release submission websites.  This makes it easier to shape your classified ad to contain a title and description that allows you to use your keywords that you want.  More importantly, it is an easy source to create a backlink, and the more backlinks you have (from different places), the more likely Google will respect your website.  That means that you have a better chance of getting a good search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search engines.  Online Classified Advertising makes it easy to create that direct advertisement or indirect supporting marketing material.

Use #3: Economical Reach: Using Classified Ad Sites, you can reach a lot of different places in the United States and the entire world by spending a lot less money than it many other places.  Classified ads usually require less writing than articles, press releases, and ordinary sales copy.  People are not expecting to see fancy things on classified ad websites when they visit.  They usually have a purpose.  With any luck, you will meet that purpose.  Plus, there are many free classified ad sites, and there are plenty of places that will not charge you very much to post, either.

There is a lot of labor involved, especially if your company posts a lot of classified ads.  However, posting on classified ad sites usually does not require a highly skilled worker.  Therefore, you might be able to find someone to post for a small amount of money.

Increase Your Influence with Classified Ad Marketing

The Ultimate Analyst recommends Classified Ad Marketing to business owners who intend to have their site gain popularity. This involves submission of classified ads in known directories, such as Oodle, Kijiji, and Craigslist.

Classified ads are one of the factors which have taken a large percentage of the market share from the traditional newsprint. Sites like Craigslist, Kijiji and Oodle are regularly visited by millions of visitors, eager to find a great buy within its pages. This is the reason why many are ditching out the paper and are going after these huge online databases. So why not use this factor for your brand to gain influence in the web?

Among the most inviting aspects of these sites is their ability to hold a large collection of ads from all over the world—free of any charge! These posts can range from secondhand goods to real estate, and many customers flock into these websites everyday to discover a great value for their money. You can utilize this great traffic and pull them into your site with strategic and efficient classified ad marketing.

With hundreds, or thousands of sites which can be easily discovered through the search engine of these giant databases, you can position a few ads with various sites and then look forward to a sale the next day! You can decide to go for ten, twenty or more, for better marketing, which in turn generates traffic and boosts your revenues as well.

There is no better, practical sale than from something that came from a free source. Classified ad marketing helps you do just that with a well-implemented, consistent posting within the classified ad databases. The only investment you will probably have to remember is your time as well as your creativity, but you can also skip just that and leave the whole work to the experts—us!

While one manual posting may sound easy, doing it for more than a handful can be quite tedious! However, it’s quantity that works with classified ads marketing, in this means serious numbers. We will help you find the right directory for your ad, put it repetitively within the other directories, and you can just it back and relax as you watch your profits grow.

The Ultimate Analyst does not specialize in Classified Ad marketing at this time.  However, we do have many connections and would be delighted to help find a way to meet your needs with good quality work.

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