We offer several different marketing packages since many companies simply know they need help with marketing but do not really know the help they need.

At this time, we offer several types of online marketing packages:
  • Online Brand Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimiazation
  • Facebook Ad Marketing (PPC)
  • Blogging
  • Press Release
  • Video
    Even if people meet you offline in the so-called real world, many of these people are checking out your name on Google or Bing shortly after they meet you.  They are checking to see whether (a) you really are as good as you are and (b) if they can find negative dirt on you.  More often than not, you can control what people see online.

    Brand Development Package (Starter): Online Marketing (Cost: $495)
    • 1 Press Release
    • 1 Blog + 2 Blog Posts
    • 5 Profiles
    • 1 Video
    • 1 Year Domain Name (based on Domain Name Availability)

    Brand Development Package (Monthly Support): Online Marketing (Cost: $795/Month)
    • Alternate Keyword SEO
    • 2 Press Releases/Month
    • 1 Article/Month
    • 4 Blog Posts/Month
    • 2 Videos/Month
    • Backlinking & Marketing Support

    Generally, we begin with a definite plan for the first three (3) months, and we reevaluate your needs based on search engine response.  (We want to have a structure to begin, but then we want to react intelligently and customize your marketing plan after we get feedback from the search engines.)

    Package Objectives
    1. Create Marketing for Businesses WITH OR WITHOUT a Formal Website
    2. Improve Online Image: Make it Easy for people to find YOUR phone number - Control what people see about your business
    3. Get Business from People Who WANT What You Offer (even though they don't know you)

    SEO Package #1 (Starter): Online Marketing (Cost: $495 Setup + $295/Month)
    • Keyword Research
    • Create a Landing Page Website (more effective than "pretty")
    • Create & Submit 2 SEO Press Releases (Monthly)
    • Create & Post 2 Classified Ads (Monthly)
    • Backlinking & Marketing Support

    SEO Package #2 (Enhanced): Online Marketing (Cost: $795 Setup + $595/Month)
    • Keyword Research
    • Create a Landing Page Website (more effective than "pretty")
    • Create & Submit 4 SEO Press Releases (Monthly)
    • Create & Post 2 Classified Ads (Monthly)
    • Create, Upload, and Market 1 Animated Tips Video
    • Create & Submit 2 Articles (Monthly)
    • Create Blog Site (to attach to Landing Page Website)
    • Create & Post 4 Blog Posts, including strategic content linking (Monthly)
    • Backlinking & Marketing Support

    SEO Landing Page Websites

    Social media is a hot buzz topic in the marketing world and amongst many businesses.  There are a few problems, though.  One big problem is that many businesses do not know how to get started.  Another, much larger problem, is that many companies are using social media platforms, but their social media marketing is not performing for them, because they do not know how to do it effectively or efficiently.

    Package Objectives
    1. Create Marketing Material as Foundation to Establish Expertise
    2. Identify and Connect with Influential People within the Industry
    3. Earn Customer Referrals through Showcasing Expertise and Connectedness
    4. Capture the Attention of People During Different Phases of the Buying Cycle (unlike SEO)
    5. Lead People to Take Specific Actions

    Social Media Inbound Marketing Package: (Cost: $4,950 Setup + $3,950/Month)
    • 50 of Any Combination of
      • Blog Posts, 1-Person Live Expert Videos, or Animated Tip Videos
    • Industry and Keyword Research
    • Social Media Profile Creation
    • 2 Customized Landing Pages
    • Social Media Manual for Acceptable Responses
    • 1 Press Release/Month
    • 4 Blog Posts/Month
    • 2 Videos/Month
    • 3 Facebook Posts/Day (21 Posts/Week)
    • 1 Tweet/Hour (24 Tweets/Day)
    • 2 Hours/Day, 5 Days/Week Dedicated Social Media Interaction & Research

    Sometimes, companies know that they want to have and maintain a blog, but they are not sure how to get started.  Nearly as often, while these companies realize the benefit of hosting an engaging blog, they do not really have anyone in-house who is a professional writer.  Well-written blogs help provide a lot of SEO reach on Google and Bing, and they provide a great way to color a personality for you or your company.

    $95 - 1 Blog Post - Write, Post, Link, Etc. to Blog
    $395 - 5 Blog Posts
    $695 - 10 Blog Posts
    $1,495 - 25 Blog Posts

    "Extra Extra...Read all about you!"

    Press releases are great for attracting attention at events, but the real value in a well-written press release is that it helps build a person's and company's online image.  Press releases help put people and companies in motion.  Also, since many people are not comfortable writing press releases, it is a great way to separate. Although today's SEO benefits are not as strong as in the past, they still provide a lot of SEO help in search engines like Google and Bing web and news searches.

    $145 - 1 Press Release - Write, Post, Link, Etc. to Blog
    $545 - 4 Press Releases
    $1,295 - 12 Press Releases

    Example: Press Release

    Videos are a great way to keep people engaged.  More importantly, people find videos--not only on YouTube--but they also can find them on Google, easily.  Google often ranks YouTube videos really well, especially ones that are optimized for SEO.  If you are serious about dominating your local market, videos are one of the greatest ways to do it.

    DIY Video Marketing Launch Package: Individual: Metro Detroit Area Only (Cost: $295)
    • 90 Minutes of Personal Coaching (customized how-to instruction)
    • Step-by-Step Video Recording & Upload Instruction
    • Minimum 2 Videos Created and Uploaded Online
    • Personalized Marketing Plan Going Forward

    DIY Video Marketing Launch Package: Group: Metro Detroit Area Only (Cost: $795)
    • 120 Minutes of Online Marketing Strategy & Technique Hands-on Workshop
    • Step-by-Step Video Recording & Upload Instruction
    • 1 Video Created and Uploaded Online for Each Participant (Max: 8 People)
    Video Marketing Blast-off Package: (Cost: $4,495) 
    • Specialized YouTube Profile
    • 30 Animated Tip Videos
    • Personalized Intro & Outro Videos
    • Independent Video Scripts for Each Video
    • Animated Tip Video, Uploaded to YouTube and Optimized for Google
    • Video Uploading to Multiple Video Hosting Sites
    • Video Marketing Support for Google and YouTube