What are the Prices for our Online Marketing Services?

While we prefer to package or customize our marketing services, we realize that many customers like to understand whether they are "in the ballpark" before contacting anyone.

Some services require more information from you before we can provide any cost estimate any justice; however, we offer prices for some of our standard services.  Check down the page to check the price for the following services:
  • Blogs (Blog Post Writing, Blog Posting, Creating a Simple Blog)
  • Press Releases (Press Release Writing, Press Release Submission)
  • Videos
  • Website Creation (Simple)

Blog Post Writing
SEO Style Blog Post: ($35/Post)
Personalized Blog Post: ($65/Post)

The difference between an SEO Style blog post and a Personalized Blog Post is defined in the main purpose.

SEO Style Blog Posts: When you are focusing on maximizing your visibility within search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then you want the SEO Style.  This is the best choice when you simply want blog posts to rank on a search engine, and you are not trying to generate regular readers to your blog.

Example Link:

Personalized Blog Posts: When you want people to read your blog and return to read it regularly, you want a personalized post.  SEO Style blogs are not poorly written, but there is a larger focus on the search engine, instead of the reader.  With Personalized Blog Posts, these are written with the returning reader in mind.

Example Link:

Blog Posting: ($30/Post)  Each additional blog post costs $30 to post.  This includes (a) posting to the blog site, (b) finding or creating an image, and (c) strategically adding anchor text backlinks within the post.

Create a Blog (using Blogger--not WordPress): ($107/Blog) A simple platform will be created for writing and posting blogs.  It is easy to use and requires no hosting fee to maintain it.

Example Link:
(Note: Additional Pages on the Blog are Extra: Prices Beginning at $65/Additional Page

Press Release Writing
SEO Style Press Release: ($35/Press Release)
Event/Promotional Press Release: ($65/Press Release)

The difference between an SEO Style Press Release and a Event/Promotional Press Release is defined within the main purpose of writing the press release.

SEO Style Press Release: When you are focusing on maximizing your visibility within search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then you want the SEO Style Press Release.  This is the best choice when you simply want to focus on getting backlinks or rankings on the Google search results page--taking a spot.  You're not as concerned about people reading it from top to bottom.

Example Link:

Event/Promotional Press Release:With these, there is less emphasis on using keywords for SEO and more emphasis places on trying to capture the would-be customer's attention to notice an actual event.  Here, you want the readers to pay attention, because you are promoting something specific.

Example Link:

Press Release Submission
The Connection Package: ($50/Submission)
The Mass Distribution Package: ($95/Submission)

Ordinarily, we suggest that people use The Connection Package, unless they want SEO benefits AND post press releases regularly.  In that case, you want to make sure that all of your backlinks are not coming from the same source, and you will want to use The Mass Distribution Package occasionally.

Animated Picture Slideshow: ($65/Video)
Business Card: ($105/Video)
Animated Tips/Checklist (SEO): ($135/Video)
Training Video: (Request a Quote)
Live 1-Person (Up-close) Presentation: ($125/Video) 
Live Footage-Event/Building/Area: (Request a Quote)

Example: Animated Picture Slideshow

Example: Business Card

Example: Animated Tips (SEO)

Create a Simple Website (Using Blogger)
Single Event Promotion: ($125) - Example:
Basic 3-Page Website: ($225) - Example:

Additional Pages on (Blogger) Website: ($40/Page)

Other Online Marketing Services
Additional Services: Call or Email for Quote
Also provide article writing, article submission, classified ad writing, classified ad posting, social bookmark posting, social media training, SEO training, website content, keyword research, SERP results reporting, infographic creation, etc.