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Help the RIGHT People Find You Online

Online Marketing Service That Targets YOUR Customers

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Our clients usually come to us when…
  • They feel WORRIED about not getting enough customer calls or calls by the RIGHT PEOPLE
  • They are FRUSTRATED, because they DON’T HAVE TIME to market themselves (or they DON’T KNOW HOW to market themselves online)
The Ultimate Analyst provides these clients with online marketing that...
  • CAPTURES THE INTERNET TRAFFIC that is looking for
    • WHAT they offer and
    • WHERE they offer it
  • HELPS PROMOTE their existing website, when they have one
  • SAVES THEM TIME from having to market so they can focus ON their business
We ALL KNOW that it is SO MUCH EASIER to sell to people who WANT your service.

So we help you get in front of THAT online traffic.

If you aren’t feeling frustrated or worried about this, then congratulations! You are in excellent shape.

If you ARE frustrated or worried about this, then you might want to call to discuss how you can solve your problem. (unless you don’t consider getting more sales an issue)

We might be able to give you that one tip that helps you steer your marketing in the right direction. Then we’ve done a great service.

It might take more than that. We might be the solution. We might not. (We refuse to accept business that we do not believe we can provide good value.)

Chris Wechner, the Director of Marketing at The Ultimate Analyst has a blog full of free marketing ideas and tips for small business owners. Feel invited to look at it for ideas. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Make Your Phone Ring with Customers who are RIGHT for YOUR Business

One of many different suggested supporting marketing methods to market websites.

Are your phones ringing too much?  with the RIGHT calls?

Probably not!

Do you have too many customers?

Probably not!

The Ultimate Analyst does not really care about what other people are saying, unless it works.

The Ultimate Analyst prides itself on independent thinking, not getting caught in a rut while trying to solve your problem.

The Ultimate Analyst is an unconventional marketing consulting, unless the convention is really the best idea for you.

However, if what you're doing was working so well, would you be trying so hard to find solutions to problems, like
  • How to get more customers
  • How to get more people to notice you
  • How to get more people to endorse you
  • How to get more sales
  • How to improve your online marketing strategy
  • How to get your workers to be more productive
  • How to train your workers more efficiently
  • How to train your workers more effectively
  • How to get more repeat business
  • How to get more referral business
  • How to cut costs in your business
  • How to improve your profits in your business
These are all good questions, and sometimes, we can answer these ourselves.

Most of the time, though, we need an outside perspective.  However, how often have you tried to tell an outsider your story, and he (or she) "gets it" before you even say anything?  They have a solution BEFORE they know your real problem.

The Ultimate Analyst group really wants to solve YOUR problems--not have an excuse to show how great we are.  WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

The Ultimate Analyst group provides many services; however, here is a quick list for you to reference:
  • Press Releases, especially for Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County MI, Macomb County, and throughout Southeast Michigan--great way to promote a Michigan event or provides a way to capture someone's attention.
  • Blog Posts, which are great for small businesses as they help establish a relationship with your readers, but they also are found on search engines, like Google.
  • Promote Your Event Online
  • Video Marketing (SEO Only--effective search engine marketing tool but not movie production quality)
  • Small Business Internet Marketing Workshops
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To grab some free marketing ideas, you can visit the Marketing Ideas Blog
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